Not a Vitamin, Mineral, Herb or Hormone. A NEW paradigm in Nutrition & Healthcare. Over 40 years in research,3000 studies in 70 nations and hundreds of professionals are recommending this product supplement. These are tiny molecules that transfer immunity information from one entity to another, such as between a mother and her infant who she breastfeeds. It does not interact with drug has zero toxity. It is all natural,safe and effective for all people and all ages.

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

What are Transfer Factors? In a world where stress, pollution, poor diet and new strains of “superbugs” are constantly undermining people’s immune systems, 4Life recognizes the importance of innovation in nutrition. We know that in order to successfully battle these everyday challenges and to achieve overall well-being, continual advancements need to be made to help support immune strength and promote better health for you and your family.

One of the strongest forces in nature for transferring and ensuring good health, transfer factors has taken their place in the forefront of nutritional science. Simply stated, transfer factors are tiny molecules that transfer immunity information from one entity to another, such as between a mother and her infant who she breastfeeds.

• Support the immune system’s ability to remember past invasions, allowing your body to more quickly respond to similar health threats
• Educate naive immune cells about a present or potential danger in your body along with a plan for action
• Boost your immune response, or balance it by suppressing an overactive immune system

4Life Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula

4Life Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula with Transfer Factor E-XF
4Life Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula provides far reaching immune support. It combines the synergistic power of Transfer Factor E-XF with the proprietary blend Cordyvant to nourish, strengthen and activate the immune system.
Developed exclusively by 4Life using patented and patent-pending technology, 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula calls upon the knowledge of two sources, providing an enhanced combined effect of transfer factors from both cow colostrum and chicken eggs.
Cordyvant combines ingredients known to enhance the innate immune system, our first and instinctive response against foreign invaders. It includes:
Maitake and Shiitake Mushrooms long known to support cellular function (immune system) and other healthy systems.
Cordyceps rich in polysaccharides, which help activate immune system response.
Inositol Hexaphosphate gaining attention for its preventative immune power.
Beta Glucans an important immune cell stimulator. They are the wake-up call to white blood cells for healthy function.
Beta Sitosterol a phytosterol that has been shown to help activate immune system response.
Olive Leaf Extract may be instrumental in slowing the duplication of cells.

Research shows that the immune building effects of this revolutionary product increase immune system effectiveness by 437 percent!

I have been researching health topics and formulating supplements for many years.4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula provides support to our bodies unlike anything this industry has ever seen. 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula adds an additional proprietary formulation for total and superior immune support for people of all ages.

William Hennen, Ph.D., 4Life's Chief Scientific Officer


I first learned of 4Life Products in April of 2004, and since then, both my mother and I have used them. I want to tell you about my mother's experience. She suffered from nasal allergies and had stomach problems. Since taking 4Life Transfer Factor Plus she seems to be educating her immune system and has a new energy level. She has also used BioGenistein Plus for help in maintaining proper hormone balance, which is necessary at her age. My mother feels happy, healthy and full of energy. Thanks 4Life!

Mariel De Juan N. 4Life Distributor

In May of 2004 I was bucked off my horse. After my body was whipped every which way, I flew out of the saddle, already unconscious, and landed on my back and head on hard, rocky ground. I sustained multiple injuries, including a fractured pelvic bone, whiplash of the entire spine, a severe concussion and joint and soft tissue damage from my neck down to my knees. I was literally flat on my back for the first month after my accident. I have been in the care of specialists during my long and painful recovery. My pelvic fracture healed nicely but I continued to suffer much pain caused by the joint and soft tissue damage. Recently, I was introduced to 4Life Transfer Factor Plus. I began taking the product out of desperation, as well as my strong determination to find a way to get my quality of life at least back to where it was before my accident. I know that long periods of chronic, intractable pain can cause even up-beat people to feel depressed about life. Though I am, by nature, a happy, optimistic person, I was beginning to feel down much of the time. Through my desire to heal, the constant care of my doctor and the immune support I have received from Transfer Factor Plus I have noticed that I am beginning to feel more energetic. I can't help but notice that, to my delight, I am beginning to get excited about life again!

Devonna D. 4Life Distributor

I have been taking 4Life Transfer Factor Plus for some time now. Since I began using 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula, I have experienced an even greater level of support for my immune system. I believe that the combination of transfer factors from bovine colostrum and egg yolk in the new Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula has generated a fantastic product which educates our immune systems.

Jose P., 4Life Distributor
Puerto Rico

4Life® Transfer Factor™ Advanced Formula
with Transfer Factor E-XF™

To fight advanced health threats, you need advanced support. 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula includes our proprietary Transfer Factor E-XF blend to create a unique and highly effective supplement that provides unprecedented support to your body’s immune system for keeping you healthy. It works by educating and strengthening your immune system for superior health support throughout your life.

Developed exclusively by 4Life using patented and patent-pending technology, 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula calls upon the knowledge of two sources, providing an enhanced combined effect of transfer factors from both cow colostrum and chicken eggs. Research shows that the immune building effects of this revolutionary product increase immune system effectiveness by 283 percent!

• Promotes the immune system’s ability to remember past invasions, allowing your body to more quickly respond to similar health threats
• Educates naive immune cells about a present or potential danger in your body along with a plan for action
• Speeds up the recognition phase of a health threat, making the duration of an illness shorter
• Boosts your immune response, or balances it by suppressing an overactive immune system

“Every day we are faced with threats from our microscopic environment. What you can't see can hurt you! The uniqueness of 4Life Transfer Factor is that it not only supports, but also educates our immune system in a way that no other supplement can. This is important since no one will outlive their immune system."
—William Hennen, Ph.D., 4Life's Chief Scientific Officer


"4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula has helped support my immune system’s ability to deal with the challenging problems that come its way. I am back to my daily activities with rejuvenated zeal and vigor! Thanks a million Transfer Factor Advanced Formula!"
TC Brian Y. 4Life Distributor

"I've only been taking 4Life Transfer Factor for about ten days, but prior to that, I had to use a nasal spray for allergies every day because of a persistent running nose. After only a couple of days on 4Life Transfer Factor, I really felt a difference in my immune system. Thanks for a wonderful product!"
Deborah K., 4Life Distributor
Cookville, Tennesse

Transfer Factor CARDIO - for HEART

Targeted Transfer Factor is part of a revolutionary new system of support, scientifically researched and developed by 4Life. Independent studies have already demonstrated Transfer Factor’s superior immune-boosting capacity. And now, 4Life has identified and patented a way to target the power of transfer factors to directly benefit systems throughout the body, improving your bodies immune response against system-specific microbes and infections.

This advanced nutritional support is backed by an exclusive patent for obtaining specialized transfer factors from avian sources. These sources acquire their advanced immune knowledge after experiencing unique environments that have been specifically tailored to bolster immune function in particular systems throughout the body—such as the cardiovascular system. These specialized transfer factors are then extracted and concentrated, providing each of us with targeted nutritional support that is literally unprecedented in the health industry today.

This broad and basic patent facilitates the continued formulation of transfer factor products that provide targeted nutritional support. Additionally, this original patent protects 4Life’s exclusivity within the transfer factor market and secures our opportunity for expanded patents with future development.
Our hearts deserve a break—not a breakdown. Our hearts work 24 hours a day, with no time off for good behavior. During a lifetime, a human heart will pump 55 million gallons of blood through nearly 60, 000 miles of blood vessels, delivering essential nutrients and oxygen to trillions of cells. We can give our hearts a highly deserved break by eating a healthy diet that contains an abundance of essential nutrients, regular aerobic exercise and the revolutionary support of 4Life’s TF Cardio.

TF Cardio provides comprehensive support for the cardiovascular system. In addition to promoting targeted system support, it contains additional heart-healthy ingredients such as magnesium, arginate, red yeast rice, B vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to help support normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels—all necessary for healthy cardiac function.

Each day you come in contact with thousands of germs (bacteria and viruses)—in the air you breathe, foods you eat and objects you touch. But, you have an amazing protection mechanism that defends your health against these germs and other elements that can make you sick, your immune system.

Your immune system is a complex network of organs and cells. It works around the clock to defend your body against health threats and disease, and the ever-increasing environmental threats in today’s world. Quality immune support has become essential to maintaining optimal system function and promoting long-term health.

4Life Transfer Factor is an exclusive supplement on the forefront of nutritional science. It’s been recognized for years as the best colostrum-based transfer factor product for daily immune system support.


"I started taking 4Life Transfer Factor over a year ago. At the time, I suffered from frequent problems with my throat. I really feel like Transfer Factor has helped support my immune system to be able to deal with this difficulty. I have recommended it to several people."
Linda N. 4Life Customer

"I am twenty-six years old. I was born legally blind in both of my eyes. Aside from having very bad vision I've always considered myself very lucky compared to most other people. I found out about 4Life Transfer Factor and how it has changed the lives of thousands of people all around the world. I was extremely skeptical about trying this product for myself. But curiosity killed the cat and I decided to try the product anyway because it was so unique. After taking the product for a few weeks I really feel like it has made a difference in my immune system, which has improved my quality of life. I feel like I have more energy throughout the day and it is easier for me to wake up in the morning. I can’t imagine not taking my daily capsules every day in the morning."
Jawaune S. 4Life Distributor

"I had been experiencing many health challenges and really wanted to find a supplement which would help educate my immune system and assist me in my efforts to live a more healthy life. I became a believer in the 4Life products after taking 4Life Transfer Factor. I was so pleased with the way I felt and was excited about the product that I quit my regular job and started introducing others to the benefits of Transfer Factor. I have never been happier! Working with 4Life as a distributor has been the most gratifying and pleasurable job I have ever had! I feel absolutely blessed and elated that I am able to share the benefits of Transfer Factor and the financial rewards of 4Life with family, friends and people I meet!"
Debbie S. 4Life Distributor

form Malaysia's Sunday Star, Nov 20 2005, under "FIT FOR LIFE" article - "Fighting Breast Cancer

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Truly Amazing Medical Recoveries
People taking "Transfer Factors" have reported the total elimination of, or major relief from, ALL of these health problems, and MUCH MORE:
Acne, AIDS Allergies Alzheimer's Arthritis, Asthma, Autism,
ANY Auto Immune Disease, Bacterial Infection, Bladder infections, Boils, Breast Cysts, Bronchitis, Burns, Cancer (various types), Candida Yeast Infections, Chemotherapy, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Common Cold, Constipation, Cuts, Degenerative Disc Disease, Diabetes, Digestive problems, Ear Infections
Elevated PSA, Enlarged Prostate, Eczema, Fibromyalgia, Flu, Fungus
Gastro-Esophageal Reflux, Gastro-Intestinal Problems, Heart Disease, Hemorrhaging, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes, High Blood Pressure (Hypertension), High Cholesterol, High Triglycerides, Hodgkins Disease Inflammation, Irritable Bowel, Joint Pain, Kidney Disease
Leukemia, Liver Disease, Low Energy, Lumbar/Back Spasms/Pain, Lupus
Lyme Disease, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscle Aches, Obesity, Periodontal Disease, Parasites, PMS, Parkinson's Disease
Prostate problems, Psoriasis, Radiation Therapy, Red/Sensitive Skin, Respiratory, Infections, Rheumatoid Arthritis
SARS, Shingles, Sinus Infection, Sleeplessness
Thyroid (Hyper- or Hypo-), Tumors, Vascular Disease

ALL such threats to health can be combated by a strong, healthy immune system that works as it was designed to do. Many of these are AUTOIMMUNE diseases, which GO AWAY when the IMMUNE SYSTEM is corrected.

NOTE: Transfer Factor does NOT CURE anything. Your own body's HEALTHY, INVIGORATED IMMUNE SYSTEM can bring about the CURE. People who have used Transfer Factors continue reporting TRULY AMAZING results.

And one thing you will notice as you read a FEW of their experiences, is how FAST most of them recovered or received relief, after taking Transfer Factors. This is because of HOW FAST Transfer Factors Mobilize, Train, Equip, and Send out on Patrol, a HUGE ARMY of your immune system's Natural Killer (NK) cells to fight for your life. For a few examples:

One man's doctor had been after him to take insulin injections, as his Type One Diabetic Blood Glucose levels were too high. The morning he started Transfer Factors, it was 231. Within two days, it had dropped back into the normal range (80 - 120), and two weeks later, it was running between 96 and 110. His doctor said he didn't have to take insulin. Another Diabetic reported totally restored damaged Kidney functions, where they were at the failing point, before.

One lady, a bedridden invalid suffering from extremely painful Fibromyalgia, AND painful, crippling Multiple Sclerosis episodes, with no strength from the neck down, is out pulling weeds in just 2-1/2 months, and jumping on a trampoline with her grandchildren.

And one hemophiliac who had AIDS from a 'Dirty' clotting factor transfusion many years ago, was totally disease-free in just a few months on Transfer Factor, according to his M.D.'s testimonial. Read their experiences and many more, below.

There IS a worldwide market for the products that can bring all of this about. People of the world are BEGGING for the CURE, which is already inside them. (It just isn't working properly.) And YOU can help spread the MIRACLE of a reactivated, healthy immune system that works as it was DESIGNED to do.
Further testimonials can be seen at

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Advanced Formula: RM165 (Wholesale) RM 198 (Retail) - 60 capsules
Riovida Bottle: RM242 (Wholesale) RM 291 (Retail) - 2 bottles

TF Chewable
RM169 (Wholesale) RM 203 (Retail) - 90 capsules

Advanced Formula Plus
: RM228 (Wholesale) RM 274 (Retail) - 90 capsules

NOTE: Presently the Transfer Factor Cardio is available only in S'pore, the details are as follows
4Life Transfer Factor Cardio (120 capsules) = RM295

Contact me: (K Y Wong): Tel/Fax:60-3-41081362; email: mwtwong@gmail.com
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